Prove It

When I was in school, my math teachers would always ask their students to prove their work.  It didn’t matter whether the student knew the answer or not, they were still required to prove the work by showing the steps and calculations that they took to get the answer that they got.

Throughout the election season (any election season, really), both sides of the fence were constantly berating each other for their fantastical numbers.  They were cherry-picked.  They were pulled out of thin air.  So very seldom did we see both sides agree on any number being used by the other side.

Now, the election is over.  A side won.  If it was your side, I only ask that you prove it.

You see, I’m deeply invested in this country.  It’s MY country.  I’m not going to go running off to some other country just because my guy lost.  I want nothing but the best for my country.  Not only for me, but for my children.  For your children.  For our grandchildren.  That’s why I ask you to prove it.

During the campaign, you asked us to prove that what we said was correct.  That burden no longer weighs on our shoulders.  You won.  The burden now lies directly, and fully, on your shoulders to prove that you were right.  If you will just prove it, I will gladly, ecstatically, proclaim it.  Just prove it.

For months, you’ve been going on and on about how your side is the right side, and the side with the brightest future plans for our country.  You’ve won.  You’re guy is in charge.  And I hope, with everything that I am, that I was wrong.  That you were right, and your candidate is the right person for the job.  I beg you, prove it.

The stakes are high.  Our economy hangs in the balance.  Our future as a world power hangs in the balance.  Our very future as a country could hang in the balance.  I don’t want to be right.  I want hope.  I want change.  Desperately, I want those things for our country.  Promises made four years ago that fell by the wayside in a cacophony of bitter arguing between parties.  Desperately, I beg you, prove it.

Show your work.  Make the calculations.  Get the correct answer.  Prove that you knew what you were doing when you voted.

Ecstatically, you’ve pasted your celebration across every piece of media you can. Over 60 Million people are sharing in that celebration.  But, there are nearly 58 Million people who are asking you, today, to prove it.

Loudly, you’ve yelled that you were right.  That yours is the best way.  The only way.

Loudly, I ask you to prove it.  Prove that you deserve to be in charge of our country.  Prove that yours is the right path for our country.  Prove that you deserve the trust of our country.  Prove that you can turn this country around.  Just prove it.



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