American Community Survey?

Several days ago, I received a letter in the mail from the Census Bureau. In it, I was informed that I would be receiving something called the American Community Survey. I was also informed that my response was mandatory and enforceable by law. I’ve never heard of it, but, today, the “survey” came in the mail. OH. MY. GOD.

I can understand why they make it very plain and clear that it’s enabled by law and that you can be fined and/or imprisoned for failure to fill it out.  And even more so if you decide to fill it out with false information.  You see, at some point, some legislation was passed that slipped in some wording into the USCode that deals with the census.  (Title 13, Chapter 5)  Basically, that verbiage gives the Department of Commerce the legal right to “survey” the people on a regular basis between censuses in order to gather further statistics.

Also, it would seem that they’ve found a place for most of the questions that disappeared from the “long form census” when it was replaced with the new, friendlier census form.  And a few more.

After reading a few of these questions, I have no intention of answering the survey.  Some of them are fairly normal.  How many people live at this residence?  Ages? Sexes?  But then they get downright invasive.  Questions like how much I spent on utilities.  Or if I carpool.  Of if I have problems bathing or dressing.  Questions that they have no right to ask.  I don’t care who passed the law, I have no intention of answering those questions.  How much do I pay for my mortgage?  Nope.

No how.  No way.

From what I can tell from a somewhat cursory bit of internet research, not only does the DOC not enforce the fines, they don’t have the authority to.

There’s plenty of other stuff, both extremist conspiracy theory stuff and more reasonable stuff, that looks at this horribly invasion of privacy.  Even some arguments that it could constitute unreasonable search.  I’m no lawyer, so most of that is gibberish to me.

How about you?  Have you seen one of these things?  Filled one out?  Refused to fill one out?

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